My boyfriend is in the process of going to school to get his personal trainer certification. I figured before he started getting new clients he needed something to show them that what he does works. So I decided to let him work his magic on me.
For him to begin I had to take measurements again. Now it’s only been about 2 weeks since I took them last and I was very hesitant to get on the scale. In those two weeks I have not exercised at all, I’ve spent two days in the hospital, eating hospital foods, while waiting on my nephew, and I have eaten lots of chocolate. I also didn’t want to show my boyfriend my weight.
I jumped up out of bed this morning and got on the scale to see the number before I had to show him so that I could back out if I wanted. ;)
I was totally surprised and elated to find out I’ve lost another 4 pounds since my last weigh in. Even through everything that’s been going on I’ve still managed to lose 2 lbs a week.
So I’m a happy girl and can’t wait to see the rest of this extra weight come off. At this rate I will be at my first goal 2 weeks before Christmas and my overall goal by the beginning of February. :D


Sleeping alone is shit after sleeping in a bed with someone else. 

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Hey guys. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m truly sorry. Things have been hectic. My sister in law and brother had a little boy last week. So I am an aunt for the 5th time. I am so in love with him. :)
Anyways, the tumblr app on my phone is terrible and my computer doesn’t work so well so I haven’t really been able to get on as much as I’d like. Hopefully I can find time this weekend.
I still haven’t been able to workout. My knee is much better but now I am sick. 😩 Can’t win. This week is another extremely busy week so I have no time for being sick. Thankfully, although I haven’t been able to workout like I’d like, I have continued to eat well. Hopefully that is enough to continue losing weight for now. I’m hoping to start working out again as soon as I get over being sick.
Just wanted to give a quick update and say sorry for not posting. I noticed a few people have I followed me and I understand. Hopefully ill be able to get on here more later this week.


  1. Don’t overdo exercise
  2. Clean eating is not the be all and end all of health
  3. BMI means nothing
  4. Counting calories can end up being dangerous
  5. Size doesn’t matter
  6. A thigh gap is not a realistic goal
  7. There is no “right way” to exercise
  8. Less calories does not equal healthier
  9. Fats are essential
  10. 1,200 calories is not a magic number

Cabbage, chicken, and apple sauce for dinner? My tummy is happy. ;)

Still having problems with my knee but it seems to be getting better (hopefully). I was going to go to the park today and walk the trails for a little while but it was almost 95 degrees outside so instead I went swimming. 😉 At least I got a little “exercise” in today. I am still trying to stay on top of eating healthy even if I can’t workout so hopefully when I weigh in Sunday it won’t be too bad. I am trying not to get too upset about things but I know so much has been getting in the way of me working out. I guess on a happy note I can say I’ve done better with my eating.

And today we finally bought a juicer! Going shopping either tomorrow or Saturday (depends on if I’m working) to buy stuff to start juicing. Any tips, ideas, or recipe advice? 😊